Wednesday, September 10, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

B. Hussein Obama’s campaign is unraveling because there is not that much to the yarn.

With the pig-lipstick paint-on, all the more B. Hussein is proving himself to be without experience—the hollow of the hollow.

No wonder he in legislative bodies called out “Present” instead of putting his convictions in “Yes” or “No.” It’s because he’s always played safe in his political opportunism.

He’s ridden high with the don’t read/don’t heed crowd because of his manufactured charm. Same with Ms. Michelle.

He’s hidden Muslim ties as best he could by stating he’s “Christian” when cutting right through Christ’s moral standards in supporting sodomy and abortion.

He’s embraced Nation of Islam devotees in his political district while disavowing Islam. However, in a recent slip in an ABC interview, he stated “my Muslim faith.” Fair enough.

What more do we need? Not much more. However, there is plenty “much more.”

But with that, let it be faced straight on that the pig with lipstick paste is the limit. It’s no joke. It’s no simple matter. It’s no “just overlook it” and get on with the campaign.

B. Hussein with some managed with smoke and mirrors. However, with the John McCain and Sarah Palin ascendancy, B. Hussein is now uncovered as he has always been—a blatant fake.

He’s a fake “Christian.” He’s a fake “American.” He’s a fake “patriot.”

He learned well from mentor Jeremiah Wright who appeared pastor while a political cultic fanatic. B. Hussein from Wright learned his tactics and longevity. B. Hussein, taught at Wright’s knee how to double-speak for the enemy, has taken full advantage of democracy’s freedom of speech.

But B. Hussein now has spoken wrongfully, crudely and obviously. Pig-lipstick teeth will bite him in the political posterior where he can find no place to rest his campaign.

Fine. Just fine. And not too soon.

McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said: “Barack Obama can’t campaign with schoolyard insults and then try to claim outrage at the tone of the campaign.

“His talk of new politics is as empty as his campaign trail promises, and his record of bucking his party and reaching across the aisle simply doesn’t exist.”

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