Thursday, September 18, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

John McCain and Sarah Palin are applauded by grassroots America because they are genuine. They are real. They are “transparent,” to use one of Sarah Palin’s favorite terms.

B. Hussein Obama and Joe Biden are at the extreme other end of the spectrum. Those two are your usual deceitful wordsmiths. And that means real-life real-time awesome doom for America if they get to the White House.

McCain and Palin, on “the stump” in Iowa, gave forth with such genuineness that it was overwhelming—not just emotionally but intellectually. The crowd was mesmerized. They were enthralled. They were sincerely welded as one.

McCain and Palin both caught the hearts of their audience. But they got hold of those heads as well.

McCain and Palin spoke to the prime issues. When they did, they spoke in detail—not canned phrases. They delivered explicit specifics regarding the economy and energy in particular.

For instance, Palin detailed energy quotients as if a professor on a university platform. She knows what she is talking about. She expressed the same to Charlie Gibson and Sean Hannity. And for that, the citizens need her expertise, her experience.

Further, thank God both McCain and Palin finally got around to pointing the accusing finger at mask Muslim B. Hussein. It’s about time. Political courtesies can go hang at this point. It’s time for brutal facts exposing this charlatan of devilment.

The same for Biden. This morning Biden espouses that raising taxes is “patriotic.” This is the pinhead Biden. Thank heaven McCain called Biden’s proposal “dumb.” And with that, we all should chant that the man himself—Joe Biden—is dumb maximum.

No wonder Joe Biden and B. Hussein Obama refuse to stand on the same stage with John McCain and Sarah Palin. The two Dems are no match for McCain and Palin.

McCain in Iowa pleaded for B. Hussein to show up beside him on a public platform to discuss the issues. McCain repeated and repeated again the invitation. But B. Hussein refuses. Why? Because B. Hussein is nothing but a wordsmith. He has nothing but hot air and knows it.

Will America choose The Boy fakery or will America grow up to cast the ballot for genuine, knowledgeable “Put Country First” John McCain and Sarah Palin?


  1. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Even if America select McCain I will not be surprised. We can not expect more from a people who selected present president for two terms. He has done whatever he can to to the american economy.

    Select McCain and he may complete what bush has started.

    The famous quote I have read in the blog
    "George Bush is a Prime example why parents should not think that their children can become any thing when they grow up"

  2. Wow this blogger grant swank is an obvious bigot. Muslim? Harvard law school president? Columbia grad? lecturer at university of Chicago law school? ON CONSTITUTIONAL LAW YOU CLOWN! Yes, terrorists teach the constitution. That makes no logical sense. By the way, look it up- his father was an atheist. Not even raised by him! He was raised by his white mother and then his white grandmother and grandfather. Stop sounding like an idiot. You seem afraid of his middle name because you place emphasis on it as if it scares us.... ooooh oh no Hussein, it means handsome! Now educate your self, become intelligent and then vote. That doesn't mean vote for Obama. It means vote on issues that count, and look beyond the blab and into hard core facts. And get over your racism.

  3. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Didn't you see that article in the New York Times about the guy who started the "Obama is a Muslim" rumors? I know the NYT just endorsed Obama, and it may seem biased to you, but please consider for a moment that it is one of the most respected news sources in the country, and it pointed out a couple of weeks ago that it has run even more negative stories about Obama that it has McCain...

    Anyway, the allegations that Obama is a Muslim are completely false. The man who imagined them was denied a license to practice law because he was deemed emotionally and mentally unstable by the Illinois Bar Association. Barack Obama is not Islamic.

    What's gross, though, is that so many people seem to think that being Islamic in and of itself should disqualify you from the presidency. The Constitution was not written with the intent of making the United States a "Christian Nation." Many of our founding fathers abhorred Christianity--Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin being perhaps the most prominent. Our Constitution has an explicit clause that mandates the separation of church and state, meaning that religion has no place in legislative government. Therefore, a candidate's religion should not be considered an issue in the American political system--in fact, the trend lately to justify political actions with the "on-the-side-of-God" argument is clearly and blatantly unconstitutional.

    On another note, so many Americans are so unbelievably confused about what they want in a leader. We brag that America is the best and strongest country in the world, so obviously, when we elect a President of the United States of America, we are, at least in our minds, electing the leader of the free world. If this election could be decided by the rest of the world, Barack Obama would win by a landslide, yet there are so many of us who consider this a strong negative--if the Europeans like him, he must be anti-American.

    It's absolutely true that the rest of the world looks to America as a leader. I was actually extremely impressed with President Bush's announcement this week that, even in this difficult economy, it is our responsibility to continue to offer aid to countries in need. I heartily agree with that, and it sets a good example to other nations in a position to help. If we elect John McCain, we will affirm to the world that we are a country of racists--on a global stage, Obama is the clear choice, and the only reason we would fail to put him in the White House is because we are afraid of voting for a black man.

    Please, rethink the logistics of your argument, and rethink the position of President of the United States. It's more important than being able to relate to a hockey mom--if we want to continue to be leaders of the free world, we have to elect a person to the highest office in the land that the free world will be willing to follow.