Saturday, September 20, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Muslim “messiah” B. Hussein Obama would have America believe that he is ahead of the Republican duo. Liberal newsmakers applaud the same.

However, there is a major shift toward John McCain and Sarah Palin according to political analyst Dick Morris.

He posits this, for one instance, on the single women especially being incensed at the Dems for their outrageous treatment of Sarah Palin.

The dirty campaign waged by liberals against her is over the line. For instance, in a major newspaper there is a cartoon picturing her talking to God. McCain is listening in on the conversation.

However, the cartoon points out that McCain cannot understand Palin because Palin, a member of the pentecostal Assembly of God, is speaking in tongues.

God, in another block of the cartoon, responds rudely to Palin.

This is of course Satan’s sword if there is ever such a thrust. It is truly evil. Of course, Palin realizes the truth of Christ’s words when He warned His own: “They hate Me; they will hate you, too.”

Palin has been despised for her biblical beliefs throughout her Christian life. But this newsprint is now a worldwide show-all blasting God, the Bible, Christian doctrine and one—Sarah Palin—who lives out all of the aforementioned.

This kind of treatment, as well as blasting Palin for being loyal mother and wife, is what turns morally based females all the more against liberals, Dems in particular.

Add to these mean tactics against Palin the disinvite of New Age prophetess Oprah Winfrey as well as the slime blogs slung at Palin for being pro-life, pro-biblical family and marriage, and one has an army of God-haters scheming the most despicable.

America’s ethically sound are reacting more and more in favor of McCain/Palin reforming DC for the good of “Country First.”

Dick Morris sets forth his own national map depiction how the McCain/Palin duo is moving ahead, though liberal media would have us thinking otherwise.

Check it out at Dick Morris Maps 2008 at

The Washington Post printed this cartoon which can be viewed here:

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