Saturday, September 27, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

There is nothing like wisdom accumulated over time.

Of course, every mortal has his flaws. John McCain being mortal fits right in there.

If America wanted perfection, it would have to go for a biblical theocracy. But our Republic is a democracy led by human beings who have their imperfections.

McCain has his imprecations. B. Hussein has his crimes. There is a difference.

When McCain delivered at the debate, he won hands down because of his wisdom. It did not take drama to produce his finger counting experiences—running over ten fingers and then needing another hand or two.

McCain has had the experience of worldwide lessons learned well. Experience has been used for the good in the main. Therefore, all that tallies up for seasoned wisdom. Thank God it is dedicated to the “Country First” conviction.

McCain was not reciting from a textbook that he read in preparation for the talk-about. He candidly—without fanfare and drawing attention—ticked off one geographical location and headline leader after another.

He went back years to situations that molded America. He recalled at times exact quotations from such individuals as US Presidents.

McCain drew on his mental file. And in that file was much that makes him the man for walking ready-made into the Oval Office.

McCain is ready to charge forth. He is equipped for the White House right now—today.

B. Hussein is on-the-job-training. America does not need that. That is, as McCain pointed out, “dangerous.”

B. Hussein is indeed dangerous on many points, most of them points that could stick into one balloon after another, all bringing down the executive branch of our government.

B. Hussein works on wordsmithing and theory. His speech was given in textbook cadences. In other words, it lacked real-life real-time experience.

Further, McCain put to rest the predictions that he would lose and so be a do-nothing-nonproductive because he is 72. No one should ever bring that age factor up again, including the obscene ads the B. Hussein campaign is putting out about McCain’s skin cancer!

In addition, McCain being smaller in height than B. Hussein did not make a hoot at the debate. That can be laid in the casket as well.

Moreover, McCain not as sweet looking as The Boy can be hung out to dry. That did not matter as it did in the John F. Kennedy / Richard Nixon debates.

In other words, McCain won the debate because he spoke in-depth on the issues presented. He spoke from his heart, from his head. He spoke about solutions and not just problems.

Note also that McCain did not tie himself to George W. Bush. That can be put in the coffin as well. McCain charted his own course for the future just as he pointed out he has charted a course divergent from
Bush in the past.

McCain, being his own conscience and not a cookie cutter copy for any mortal or party, presented himself as the individualist that he sincerely is. That is wisdom honed over time. You can’t beat that.

B. Hussein presented himself as his usual plastic, liberal leftist politician laden with deceits and misgivings—a long history of same. They include his ties with Nation of Islam and Acorn, They include his membership in the most liberal denomination in the US—the United Church of Christ.

B. Hussein is no match for the wisdom over time. No wonder then that when B. Hussein looked in McCain’s direction, McCain just looked straight ahead—nobly, in fact.

It was as if McCain was thinking, “Let The Boy say what he has to say, he has no idea where I come from.”

And that is the truth.

McCain’s wisdom quotient is so high and clear that B. Hussein has no ladder even beginning to reach the first layer.

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  1. Grant Swank,

    You don't want to live under any type of theocracy, including a Christian one. Theocracies are by nature tyrannical. They usually don't tolerate decent.

    Thomas Jefferson once said something along the lines of "If the government was run by angels, there would be no need for limits on government, If mankind were angels, there would be no need for government at all.
    The best that I could say about a Christian Theocracy is that it might be better than an Islamic theocracy, but it would still be a brutal tyranny.

    The only way we could reasonably expect perfection from any government, would be if the people in charge of it were not human, but angels instead.