Monday, September 29, 2008

Forced social integration plan targets Muslims

Muslim communities in Britain would be forced to integrate into UK society as a whole under a future Conservative government, the party has been told.

Plans to force all immigrants to speak English and to ban any place for sharia in the British legal system have been outlined at the annual conference of the Conservative Party, the country’s main opposition party.

The party, which has seen its lead over the Labour government in opinion polls cut to 12 points from 21 points in the past month, signalled an end to the policy of multiculturalism, which has encouraged different groups to retain their own religious and ethnic identities.

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, the Conservative shadow minister for community cohesion and social action, attacked what she called a “decade of state-driven multiculturalism” under Labour.

Mrs Warsi, a Muslim, said at the conference, which opened in Birmingham on Sunday, the policy had played on people’s differences and had created cultural divisions at the expense of shared British values.


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  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    forced to integrate . . .so what?

    The issue isn't 'integration'. Muslims are instructed to never assimilate.

    I recently came upon the following program at YouTube. Produced by Al Jazeera.

    For example, a recent episode of Crossroads Europe - Sweden 11 Jun 07 explains the Islamic perception of immigration from an integration vs. assimilation point of view.

    Let's define these terms:


    to (cause to) mix freely with other groups in society etc Example: The immigrants are not finding it easy to integrate into the life of our cities.


    to take in and incorporate as one's own; absorb: He assimilated many new experiences on his European trip.
    to bring into conformity with the customs, attitudes, etc., of a group, nation, or the like; adapt or adjust: to assimilate the new immigrants.

    To the AlJazeera English video, Crossroads Europe

    In this program, Al Jazeera reporter Elizabeth Filippouli interviews Midhat Ibrahim (Midhat Ibrahimbegovic?), a Kosovo national who immigrated to Sweden in 1952, in the main mosque at Rosengard, Malmo's poorest immigrant-populated district.

    Fast forward video to marker 8:20 where Elizabeth asks Midhat the following:

    Elizabeth: "Do you think that Islam limits Muslims to fully integrate themselves into a Western society like Sweden?

    Midhat: "Yes. Yes, I think Muslims can integrate. Assimilation, no. Integration, yes. The problem is that Christians don't know much about Islam. Muslims know much more about Christianity and Judaism."

    Elizabeth continues: "Before I left, he cautioned me about the growing gulf between young muslims and native Swedes. Many people accuse Islam, and young Muslims have had enough. The conflict starts because young Muslims want to defend Islam. They want Swedes to know, they are not terrorists. It's ignorance about Islam that breeds conflict."

    Integrate = invade = YES

    Assimilate = become a Swede = NO (Swede can be replaced Euro national of choice)

    Muslim immigrants demand Euro nationals assimilate to Islam via the slow jihad. Islam demands such assimilation around the globe . . .through interfaith meetings demanding the West tolerate a most intolerant pseudo religious doctrine.

    In the video report, Madhat stated

    "Swedish Christians don't know Islam"

    . To 'know' Islam is to accept the shahada and Islamic supremacy. When those refusing to submit i.e. "know" Islam on such terms, submitters perceive such rejection as an assault on Islam triggering violent jihad to defend Islam.