Monday, September 08, 2008

Democrats Throw 12,000 American Flags Into The Garbage

According to a Denver Post blogger, the flags were en route to a landfill when one of the cleanup workers realized what was happening. The worker, whose name is not yet known, turned the flags over to local Republicans, hoping to save them. Local Republican officials say that the flags will be used at a McCain-Palin rally today in Colorado Springs, and that the Republicans will see to it that the flags are properly re-used or respectfully destroyed.
Flags can be properly disposed of by following the regulations of the
US Flag Code.

Local VFW posts and American Legion posts are always glad to help with flag disposal, as are most local Boy Scout troops. Flags should be re-used, stored for future re-use, or be ceremonially destroyed rather than being thrown into the garbage.
It is never acceptable to simply throw the flag into the garbage. To throw 12,000 flags into the garbage is an act of the profoundest disrespect for the American flag, and to the veterans who fought and died under that banner.


My Favorite Quote

If the flags had been French , the democrats would have taken them home like they were a national treasure and displayed them proudly.
Comment by Steven L. Toth

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