Monday, August 25, 2008

An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cyanide

Denver Police have closed their investigation into the mysterious death of an indigent man in a suite of a luxury Denver hotel. They announced that his death was suicide, and that there was no link to terrorism. An FBI spokesman has also stated that the incident has no apparent terrorism connection.

The man was Saleman Abdirahman Dirie and, the coroner’s verdict notwithstanding, his death raises far more questions than have been answered by the Denver police, who seemed quite happy to wash their hands of the whole affair. But the story surrounding Dirie’s death is bizarre, and needs to be unraveled.

The facts, as far as they have been released, are these: Saleman Abdirahman Dirie was a 29-year-old Canadian citizen, a Muslim, and a former refugee from Somalia with no visible means of support and no money. He came to Denver from Ottawa by bus and checked into an upscale hotel (where the least expensive rooms rent for nearly $250 a night) for which he paid cash. There are reports that several thousand dollars in cash were also found in his room. He was not seen again until his body was found six days later next to a one pound jar of sodium cyanide crystals.

If you consider that this all took place in the city where the Democratic National Convention was about to take place, suspicion becomes alarm.

The questions themselves are disquieting. Why was he in Denver? Where did he get the cash to pay for his room? Where did he get a full pound of sodium cyanide crystals, enough to poison hundreds of people, and what was he planning to do with it?



  1. This crap is scary. Yikes! RSS

  2. As a "Canadian citizen," this Somali had no trouble crossing into the U.S. from Canada. As long as we, of the West, readily extend citizenship to Moslems, it will be impossible to sorty out the Mohammedans that want to do us ill from the innocuous ones (if such animals* exist).
    *mythological animals such as unicorns