Wednesday, August 06, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

"'As you may know, not long ago a couple hundred thousand Berliners made a lot of noise for my opponent. I'll take the roar of 50,000 Harleys any day,' McCain said, referring to Democrat Barack Obama's recent visit to the German capital" per AP.

John McCain was addressing the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. His speech was reality-based, far different than the fantasy-celebrity-Islamic B. Hussein Obama base.

Reality. It's becoming increasinly a strange virtue. Yet it is the power behind reality that guarantees its ultimate success with those genuinely seeking truth.

Cultures have been easily steared by the unreal. It does not take thought or perception to go that route. When cultures persist in that journey, they disintegrate.

Reality means sacrificing one's own wishes for what is. Reality dictates that self submit to the actual milieu rather than carve out a more convenient travel.

Cults are built on fantasies. They wrap into their warp the thoughtless and weak. If reality tries to break through, there is unbelievable resistance for cults are structured on the extreme opposite of reality.

There is a B. Hussein cult already formed. It is given to the craze. Its members don't read, don't heed. They simply cheer, stomp, cry, fall at their messiah's feet and clamor for more. B. Hussein is most adept at providing them with the unreal.

"Change." "Unite." Phrases like that don't actually say anything when coming from a manipulative, controlling personage like B. Hussein.

When McCain spoke to the bikers, he was more than in his element. They would not tolerate for a second the contrived. McCain gave them reality. He spoke simply the facts. He became one of them.

There were no suspicions. There was no hesitancy, no heckling, no madness.

Interestingly and importantly, Cindy McCain brought about the same chemistry when taking the microphone. While quite the wealthy female, she stayed with the reality quotient and matched her audience in splendor.

If America wants to remain on track, it must keep to the reality gear. If America concludes to lose its way, it chooses the likes of B. Hussein. His cadre is already in place to usher in the throes of division and depression. That is what "Change" and "Unite" really mean in the B. Hussein lexicon.

McCain's reality is at America's core. It is what America has always held to when at the Republic's best. It is what makes this democracy like none other, no matter the detractors' derisions.

McCain's reality speech to the bikers was clear and crisp. It was honorable because it was honest. Reality knows nothing but honesty.

That is why the B. Hussein's doctrine is the Loser Maximum. It is dishonest on so many multi-dimensional levels as to be frightening to the real-thinking citizens of this country. B. Hussein has belonged to a dishonest political plant known as Jeremiah Wright's church. B. Hussein has tied up with dishonest Muslims in Illinois via the Nation of Islam. B. Hussein's biography is fraught with untruths. His birth certificate is dishonest--a fake. And so forth and so forth.

The decision before this nation is to empower reality from Atlantic to Pacific or wed to the death wish. It is that stark a choice.

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