Saturday, August 02, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

He has a right to run scared.

The campaigns have been one strained burden on a thinking Republic. However, the good news is that they have allowed truth to emerge.

A quicker time frame would have pushed America to rush to a judgment not sound. The Boy would have had a better chance at the Oval Office if the celebrity craze had sparked, then won.

However, with this draw-out of the campaigns, personality delving has become a daily sport—and smart!

So B. Hussein Obama screams that John McCain is scaring the voters. You bet McCain is. And McCain should have been doing that a few months back. Nevertheless, we’ll be thankful for the present wisdom surfacing.

Now B. Hussein is squealing like a piglet because he’s afraid to the nerve that real-time truth will surface. “Truth will out” is not a phrase coined because it’s a myth. It’s a phrase coined because it’s a fact.

God has created the planet in such a way that, though the world is spiritually fallen due to our first parents’ sin, truth still pushes for entry. Christ’s incarnation is the prime example of that. His deity was denied, squashed and maligned by the power clique; but on Resurrection Dawn the truth sprung forth.

So it is on a much lower plane now with B. Hussein. Enough time has elapsed in this drag-out campaign ordeal for facts to emerge that hopefully will make B. Hussein null and void.

Way down to the grassroots’ soil, thinking people are getting the message that B. Hussein is pro-Muslim, anti-white-values, just has mentor Jeremiah Wright taught him over twenty years.

Naturally B. Hussein used Wright’s political plant known as a “church” to ensconce himself in political groundswells. Then B. Hussein leapt forth from his Congressional seat to run for the White House.

However, truth is now pushing out that B. Hussein is another Wright clone. If he were not that, B. Hussein would have exited the Wright cult long, long ago.

Truth is that B. Hussein bought into Wright’s anti-Jew, pro-Islam, anti-white-value system harangue as if it were part of the Apostle’s Creed.

Along with Wright’s anti-democracy doctrine, B. Hussein embraced most heartily the theologically liberal United Church of Christ’s demonic base. That
molded B. Hussein into the pro-sodomy, pro-killing-womb-babies persona he is to this day.

Ditto for his wife.

So B. Hussein runs scared, as he indeed is doing as of this moment. McCain must up the ante in order to push out more truths about the mask Muslim B. Hussein.

For those who believe in prayer, these Christians are interceding for our country before God’s heavenly throne. These disciples know that the “effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much.” Therefore, they come before the Lord for the nation they love.

Prayers will continue on behalf of Truth, knowing that Christ claimed Himself as the Way, the TRUTH and the Life.

When truth is claimed in this presidential run, it is eternal Truth behind the revealed facts. May the revelation dynamically continue through the coming vote.

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