Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Muslim Teacher Veil Row

This female was hired by a Church Of England school as a teacher.During the job interview, at which a male governor of the school was present, she wore no veil and was hired. Yet when she turned up for work she was now dressed in full hijab and veil, which disturbed the students, claiming she could not show her face in front of males.Notice how she tries to evade the perfectly reasonable questions of the interviewer.


  1. MississippiMud,

    In a world free of political correctness she would never get away with this. By the way the vial is a problem. Even if you ignore the fact that Muslim women are forced to ware them, the vial hides your face and makes it hard for people to recognize you. Here in America I remember hearing a story about a Muslim woman who was refused a drivers license becouse she wouldn't take off her Hijab.

  2. Anonymous2:40 PM

    If this woman dont like the rules then perhaps she should as the man said teach at an all girl school or muslim school.Funny how she would show her face to a man who interviewed her, but yet later shows up completely veiled. after all this is a church school, not an islamic school.