Thursday, August 14, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

The Israel Security Agency reports that “nearly half of those killed died in suicide
attacks,” according to Julie Stahl, Jerusalem Bureau Chief.

Who are the humans who commit themselves to surrender their own lives in order to slaughter others?

The Agency reports that these are the “weaker elements of society.” That is, children and women are corralled to murder the enemy. These kinds of persons are not as easily suspected as are grown men. Adult males can be spotted by Israeli forces, questioned, and sometimes found to be plotting a suicide attack. However, boys and girls as well as women “blend in” with society, making them much less suspect.

This, once again, reveals the extreme intentions of Muslims to do away with Jews in particular. If Gentiles come under attack, so be it. But it’s the Jews that the Muslims are after. Therefore, for Muslim killers to use their own Arabic blood in order to complete their schemes is not despicable but commendable, according to Islamic thinking.

"The terrorist organizations have increasingly used minors and women to perpetrate suicide attacks by exploiting their innocent appearance, in an attempt to fool security force personnel at the various checkpoints," ISA said.

Last year alone, children manipulated to kill themselves rose 64 percent. This equals 168 boys and girls laid down their lives “for the cause.” In 2003, 102 committed suicide for the Muslim goal of ridding the planet of Jews.

"The innocent appearance of children and young people arouses less suspicion and enables them to more easily blend in crowded places. Moreover, children and teenagers are seen by the terrorist organizations as more easily influenced and constitute an easier recruitment base for suicide attacks," the report said.

Women committed to take their lives often changed their appearance so as to be seen as part of the Jewish culture. Arabic women dressed like Jewish women — fashionably, donning attractive hairdos and maternity dresses.

Women involved in suicide plots were often zealously given to Palestinian Authority philosophies as well as having suicidal leanings. In 2004, 61 women signed up for such terrorist activities.

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  1. Anonymous4:29 PM

    It is a shame against G-d for anyone to coommitt suicide, yeilding the only g-d given gift they will ever have in order to murder others. Man was created in the image of G-d. These people have mistaken ideas of what their deity would have them do. Their suicides result in deaths of many innocentts!
    It is hard to understand a religion which would justify the suicides of its inherents. Their suicides are an abomination against the deity!