Sunday, August 31, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

She was reared in the Assembly of God Church. But now she makes her worship home in any evangelical congregation she decides upon.

Bottom line: She’s evangelical.

She believes the Bible to be the revealed Word of God.

She believers in Savior Jesus Christ.

She believes in salvation through Christ’s shed blood on Calvary.

She believes in biblical morality.

She believes in the biblical definition of marriage and family.

She believes in God’s abhorrence of sodomy and killing womb children.

She believes in heaven and hell.

She believes in America’s Judeo-Christian heritage being kept intact.

She believes in the Judgment Seat of Christ.

What more could America’s believers want in a leader?

She is particularly aligned with the Wallisa Bible Church.

The church’s theme is printed on its web site: “Enjoying God's grace to the fullest measure ... John

Also: “Extending God's grace to the farthest reaches ...1 Peter 4:10”

Those two verses accent salvation through Christ’s gift of grace extended to the repentant sinner. It also accents the missionary outreach globally, presenting Christ as personal Lord and Savior.

Pastor Larry Kroon states on his site: “Our desire at Wasilla Bible Church is for everyone to experience the excellence of Jesus Christ in their lives.”

Concerning Christ, Pastor Kroon states:

“By God’s grace everything in the life of this church will revolve around the reality of Jesus Christ – who He is, what He has done, what He is doing, and what He will do.

“In the words of the early Church ‘He is Lord’ and will be recognized as such in this church with an absolute allegiance that lifts Him above all others in our hearts, in our homes, and in our congregation.

“It is His commands that we will obey, His warnings that we will heed, and His promises that we will hold.

“In every endeavor we will rely upon His power, cherish His presence, and honor His name. We will, in sum, love Him. (John 14:6)”

Every evangelical worldwide will agree with this lifting up of Christ as the Answer to personal and world problems. This is what the John McCain running mates confesses as her personal faith.

Sarah Palin is the exact opposite to the immoral Democrat Party platform and its advocates.

The Dem Party is the party of death.

It is death to biblical morality, womb babies, marriage, and biblical definition of sex.

It is death to civility, the nation’s Christian heritage, freedom of religious expression, and reason.

With the Dems committing themselves to open homosexual activity, homosexual “marriage,” killing womb infants, meshing all religions as one, erasing the Judeo-Christian backdrop, wedding to secularism, political correctness as defined as immorality as prime, and fighting off every Christian voice left in the nation, Dems have become the evil warriors.

Now the Republican Party has given America the chance to return to God—period.

The Dems have buried God in favor of their own gods. The Republican Party in Sarah Palin now represents the God of the Bible.

Without the God of the Bible, America will slide off the map, becoming a castoff due to God’s wrath settling upon the country. God’s anger will descend as never before.

Yet in the face of this awful possibility, the righteous remnant has persisted in interceding on behalf of the Republic. This remnant believes that the effectual, righteous prayers are mighty before the eternal throne. Therefore, the remnant continues to continue and will never quit.

With Sarah Palin as the Vice President alongside John McCain, America still has a chance for divine blessings.

Otherwise, we are open to the curses beyond measure.

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