Wednesday, July 30, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

America is an extremely tolerant nation. Good?

Now we are overloaded with sweet tolerance to our destruction.

We are tolerant of B. Hussein Obama. At least a host of us are. He’s lied. He’s lied some more. Sure, other politicians lie and have lied.

But this Obama is wanting the Oval Office. Yet there are those so quickly handing him the forgiveness gavel. Within hours of his last turn-about, countless numbers informed polltakers that it’s okay now. He’s good. They’re good.

That tolerance is sick. It lacks strength. It lacks accountability. When Obama gets by with these files of lies, he will continue to smooth his craft, just as he has done before. Michelle along with him.

We are tolerant of Hillary Clinton. She is, like Obama, an outright killer. She murders. She slays. She lets blood. Both of them do every day of their luxurious, comfortable lives.

They spill the blood of unborn children in mothers’ wombs. Do they get called to accountability? Many do not care at all whether these two Hitlers are held accountable for cheering for post-birth abortion.

Is it not sickening that countless Catholics in Pennsylvania gladly informed polltakers that they voted most enthusiastically for Hillary the slayer? How can that be? Catholics have a history of pro-life convictions.

So what? Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and apostates parade across life’s stage proudly every day while killing the unborn. Some name Catholic clergy smile upon them while providing them the sacrament. They are not held accountable to the church’s own moral position.

It’s a tolerance that is so sick that is it evil. Yet these glowing faces continue to sport across our newsfeeds. They receive millions of dollars. They are stroked and stroked again.

In Christendom there is such sick tolerance that it is nauseous to the nth. We have active homosexuals, transgenders and what-have-you sex players demanding to be ordained. These mortals have cheering sections prostituting the Amen corners.

So we are told that Jesus would bless these humans. After all, they are humans with feelings. We are to tolerate them in Christian love.

Sodom and Gomarrah are erased from The Book. God’s wrath upon homosexual activity is double-jointed exegetically so as to make the abhorrence passages benign.

When it comes to illegals, the Pope preaches to his clergy that they are to be tolerant toward illegals. He leans over backwards to be sweet. Yet is not the Pope supposed to be schooled in Scripture, the biblical morality? Where is his definition of the God of the Bible?

The God of the Bible is the eternal balance between mercy and justice. Therefore, this God does not overbend for mercy while ignoring justice. These two divine attributes are kept in perfect tandem.

Illegals must be held accountable in a civilized culture. That crime cannot be overlooked any more than incest or murder or thievery. Yet it is overlooked by the countless illegal defenders. It is tolerance that is so very sick it could destroy our Republic.

Now we have a Mormon cult molesting children—boys and girls. They brainwash females into multiple sex partners in the name of “spirituality.” One cluster in Texas is being handled by the law. But other clusters are being untouched. Tolerance like this ruins youngsters’ lives. Who is going to hold these groping adults accountable?

What is so very interesting today is to look back over these sinful pockets. Sometimes I wondered where God was? Why did He not strike some of these molesting priests dead in the rectory? And one could match that to other wicked secrets.

Guess what? God was not absent. God was working His own records of accountability. In what way?

Today, after these evil doings had their run, God now reveals His heavy hand upon homosexual recreational activists. Their AIDS plague is spreading alarmingly.

All the safe-sex posters in bathhouses and like attempts to stay the plague have proven nonsense to the impulsive sex addicts. The plague, instead of being stayed, is creeping more and more into more and more bodies, destroying lives.

God is holding these players accountable. What they reap, they sow. It may take some time, but to God time is irrelevant for He works from eternity.

Likewise, with Christendom’s apostasy players. They are suffering unbelievably today. Their liberal church doors are closed, shut, locked. Their bank accounts are dwindling. Lawsuits against them are piling high.

In Catholicism, a number of dioceses have claimed bankruptcy because of the sins of the “fathers.” We now have priestless Sundays. There are not enough to fill the pulpits weekly. We have Catholic churches turned into ethnic centers and apartment complexes.

Nuns are disappearing from the Earth. They used to be seen in clusters on America’s avenues, shopping, chatting. When was it that you saw a cluster of nuns in habits in your community? Convents are housing elderly nuns waiting to die. Young ones are not suring through those doors to take the vows.

Even priests dress casually when leaving the rectory, the church. It is safer not to wear the give-away collar, the once admired and honored symbol of Catholic clergy. The respect is gone.

Divine wrath has come upon the evil, wayward personages within Christendom. Along with the spiritually disobedient, the obedient suffer. That’s the way it is in a spiritually fallen world.

But His wrath settles only on the purposefully rebellious. Though the righteous remnant may suffer, it is not God’s wrath. It is the pain upon all mortals due to The Fall.


There is no such component in God’s nature. He is eternal mercy. He is eternal grace. He is eternal
forgiveness. But all of that is not the same as America’s informal definition of “tolerance.”

Tolerance is simply letting something happen without scolding it, without bring it to judgment, without calling discipline to weigh in. That definition of tolerance enables sin, it encourages evil, it in fact cruelly sidelines God for He is not necessary any more.

There is no need for God when Hillary Clinton and B. Husseni Obama endorse killing womb babies. There is no need for God when Nancy Pelois takes communion. There is no need for God when the Episcopal Church ordains a practicing homosexual.

All of these mere mortals are their own gods.

Except at death. Then they realize before the White Light of Truth, Christ, that playing god in a tolerant sphere adds up to damnation.

Nothing less.



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