Saturday, July 12, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

B. Hussein Obama has received applause daily from newsfeeds galore. His photo is everywhere. He and wife are pictured on front covers of popular magazines. TV talk shows delight in praising B. Hussein, for example, The View.

John McCain has been shunted to the back row. DrudgeReport has delighted daily in picturing smiling B. Hussein as well as writing feature articles in his favor. McCain has been slammed at about every turn Drudge can conjure.

Yet per Rasmussen Reports, B. Hussein and McCain are tied at 43% of the vote as of July 17. That’s appearing as a miracle in that media has produced the stage show for B. Hussein while slopping McCain in the basement.

That says that the public is not stupid, thank God. It says that the grassroots has a mind of its own and cannot be manipulated by the popular, liberal, anarchist media feeds.

There is still hope that the Republican moral positions of pro-life and pro-biblical definitions of family and marriage will hold in the November vote.

It would be a moral travesty for the Democrats to get in the White House via B. Hussein. He is so out of step with the American grassroots that his win on PA Avenue could in fact lead to a severe division from
coast to coast.

There are those totally incensed with B. Hussein’s defense of abortion, homosexual twosomes, meshing all religions as one so as to obliterate the Judeo-Christian heritage, and basically hoisting America into the left-of-left syndrome for the next four years.

B. Hussein has turned out to be The Boy, The Question Mark of the decade, and the Mystery No One Can Afford to Figure Out.

As The Boy he is green with inexperience.

As The Question Mark he is the enigma maximum. He claims to be Christian while staging a mask Muslim background check. He claims to be patriotic while plotting with Muslims and anti-Jewish factions intent on undercutting our Republic. He claims to be for “Change” and “Unite” while in fact producing
Chaos and Division.

There is no way that B. Hussein can bring about the change that America needs, particularly when his history is one of arch-liberalism on all counts.

He is the most politically liberal Congressman. He is the vintage theologically liberal churchman in belonging to one of the most liberal Protestant denominations worldwide-—the United Church of Christ (Congregational).

His profile does not reflect America.

However, the mob hysterics who don’t read, don’t heed have yet to get hold of these facts. They are swept by rallies, large crowds, cheers as for a Hollywood celebrity and the trappings of a cultic messianic figure.

It appears from the latest polls that America has kept its sane base then in analyzing B. Hussein for the charlatan that he really is. It also appears from the latest polls that America is keeping its balance in favor of what the Republican Party represents.

May that hold through November. If not, next January will result in one grand civil war for the Republican Party moralists will never tolerate a divisive regime under B. Hussein.

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