Thursday, July 31, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

It starts and ends with B. Hussein Obama.

How can America even consider voting into the Oval Office so soon after 9/11 a Muslim mask?

Yet that is exactly what is going on in this Republic. Has the grassroots lost its mind? Obviously so.

And the grassroots losing its mind is led by the young who have become mesmerized by the enemy of the Republic.

The young in particular have become enamored by a charlatan who endorses what democracies don’t defend. A real democracy under God does not defend abortion. This American democracy defends abortion only because of demonic infiltrators who don’t mind murdering children.

Nuthouse presidential campaign season then crowns a mask Muslim, his photo with wife and children on popular magazine covers, his name adored by TV’s The View liberals except for Elizabeth.

B. Hussein has been engaged to Muslim programs as far back as 1995 when he helped organize the Muslim Million Man March on DC. His close associates are from the Nation of Islam. His staff includes NOI individuals residing in his Illinois political district.

NOI leader Louis Farrakhan praises B. Hussein. B. Hussein discounts the praises insincerely for B. Hussein knows full well that he and Louis are in the same political Islamic bed.

B. Hussein has been tutored father-to-son-like by the anti-white, pro-blackism, pro-Muslim Jeremiah Wright.

B. Hussein was educated in a Muslim school, stated his admiration for the Koran, the latter pleasing him as lyrics from a comforting melody. He was draped in Islamic garb, same photographed around the world.

His Kenyan cousin ran for presidency there, lost, but promised to log in the dreaded Islamic sharia so-called “legal and justice system.” B. Hussein encouraged him in his political ambitions by phoning the cousin from B. Hussein’s New Hampshire campaign base.

The Muslim anti-Republic details are right in front of America’s eyes but there seemingly are a number of citizens who can’t get the elementary logic, hence this being one of the most nuthouse presidential campaigns ever.

The devil is in the detail, for certain. Those who are God-fearing pray that the devil will be trounced in November; otherwise, the Republic is up for a slaughter of the biblically morally based.

Biblical Christians will be slammed right and left by a B. Hussein theologically liberal regime. He is married to the anti-biblical positions of pro-abortion, pro-sodomy, anti-Judeo-Christian heritage, anti-evangelical beliefs.

If biblical believers find it disheartening living through this B. Hussein celebrity craze, just wait until he is crowned as the New Messiah in January.

The only answer to the nuthouse presidential campaign is for God to intervene.

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