Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Picture of Dog Offends Muslims

The idea of a dog as being ritually unclean is one I had not considered, the Scottish Muslims in an uproar over the picture of a dog on a postcard from the local police seems over the edge though.

Muslims hate dogs, as ritually unclean? Most likely because Ole Moe got bit on the butt at some point by a viscous Pomeranian or maybe a Poodlette. At any rate, they don't care for the concept of pooch. As such the Muslim population in the Scottish district of Tayside are all up in arms (figuratively, at this time) about a pooch being on a post card sent by the police to advertise a new non emergency phone number. The uproar over the pooch, as a ritually unclean critter fits in with the Islamification of the EU and in this case Scotland by the infiltrating Muslim population.


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