Monday, July 28, 2008

Muslimmatters : ASKS ME QUESTIONS ?

I thought the idea was too ask Muslims questions....

Amad (Author) said:
Jeff, at first I was simply going to remove your comment because it seemed like a typical troll comment. But then I thought that you did seem to have some sense of reasonableness, so I’ll try to engage with you for a bit. Hear us out then:
(1) These ads are not promoting Shariah. So then, what is your problem with the ads?

(2) Do you even know what Shariah means?

(3) I don’t know of any Muslim group in America that is promoting the active implementation of Shariah in America. Do YOU know of any Muslim group in America that is DIRECTLY and EXPLICITLY making this claim, and is not a fringe, or kooky group?

(4) Do you take issue with Muslims informing non-Muslims about what we stand for, in order to dispel the growing Islamophobia?

(5) Do you know what “kufar” means? It means someone who doesn’t believe in Islam. Many Christians believe Muslims to be “disbelievers” and “infidels”, so why do you take issue with this term and make it appear so caustic?

(6) Thank you for reminding us of our First Amendment rights. And I don’t think any Muslims disagree with the rights of other fellow Americans to express their First Amendment Right to free speech. But you do know that free speech is not totally free, right? You cannot yell “fire” in a packed theater. So, free speech comes with responsibilities, including protections against defamation of others.

(7) If you do not hate us as “persons”, then you should work with us to educate your fellow Americans about what Muslims stand for. Education is the first step towards tolerance. And tolerance breeds mutual trust and understanding. You and your friends will then realize that no one is out to get you or take over this nation.

Let's see if I get response from MY QUESTIONS, SEEING HOW NON MUSLIMS SHOULD ASK !!

Jeff said:
Amad thankyou for not pulling my text. Since the idea is too ask questions about Islam , I ask these. Remember the Idea was to ask questions about Islam. I’m asking.
“Apostates”: Do you support killing them? Should leaving the faith of Islam be punishable by death?
“Beating Women”: Is beating women ever acceptable, and if not, do you reject those decrees of Islamic law that sanction the beating of women? Do you also accept stoning women to death for committing adultery?
“Calling Jews pigs and monkeys”: Do you believe that Jews are in any way sub-human and if not, do you reject Quranic interpretations that claim they are?
“Declaring holy war”: Do you support declaring war against non-Muslims to subjugate them to Islam? Do you believe that it is fair and reasonable to offer non-Muslims three options: Conversion, Paying the Jizya, or Death?
“Enslavement”: Do you support the enslavement of female war prisoners and having sex with them as concubines? If not, do you reject those interpretations in Islamic Law, for “Ma-Malkakat Aymanikum”, which justifies such actions?
“Fighting Jews”: Do you support perpetual war against Jews to exterminate them, and if not, should those Muslims who incite such war be punished?
“Gays”: Do you believe it is acceptable to kill gays, and if not, do you reject those edicts in Sharia Law which claim it is?
I’m asking. That’s all.
From the website
and I quote the text “The goal of ICNA shall be to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT) through the struggle of Iqamat-ud-Deen (establishment of the Islamic system of life) ”
Sharia law is not welcome in America. If the website is changed, I have the original web shot of it.
Thank you for my time.


  1. Author: Amad
    I am sorry Jeff, but we run the blog on our accord, not on yours. We are free to implement our blog shariah and you can't stop us!

    You proved that the ad had nothing to do with the Islamophobia that you were promoting, similar to Rep King and other right-wing Islamophobic sites. The ads had nothing to do with Shariah or promoting anything besides educating average Americans of what Muslims believe. As usual, when your ilk can't talk to the ACTUAL issue at hand, you start throwing tangents and other typical garbage. For once, recognize your blind hatred and the irrationality and tolerance it promotes.

    Now, it is ENOUGH.

    -MM Sharia Master: Aiming for internet Islamic domination ;)

  2. Anonymous6:50 AM

    “The goal of ICNA shall be to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT) through the struggle of Iqamat-ud-Deen (establishment of the Islamic system of life) ”

    Take your religion and shove it

  3. Jeff, do you have the link to your exchange with Amad? I went to and found nothing.