Wednesday, July 02, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Feelings are so heated against B. Hussein Obama that if he gets into the White House, civil war could break out in America.

The first item that will spark the fire is when B. Hussein sides with Muslims. He has already stated in his book, “Audacity of Hope,” that if things turn ugly, “’I will side with Muslims.’”

You can be sure that in his first week or month on Pennsylvania Avenue, Muslims will cry that somebody has brought the “ugly” upon them. Then B. Hussein will have to defend aggressively मुस्लिम्स thither and yon.

That will ignite non-Muslims into a major frenzy fit, and justifiably so.

America has yet to fully understand how much Muslim B. Hussein truly is. Those into mob hysteria are crazed by his celebrity status and may indeed waltz him into the Oval Office. That is a real, frightening possibility.

But the logical of the nation who know his Muslim persona will brace themselves for him changing from patriotic to the Republic to being Islamic to the nth degree. And “brace” will not be the gentle word for what will finally happen from shore to shore.

For one public—namely, evangelicals—B. Hussein has no kind word to say. He despises them and their conservative theology. They will be attacked broadside from Day One.

Further, pro-lifers will be persecuted from the outset for B. Hussein adamantly demands support for post-birth abortion.

In addition, those defending the biblical understanding of marriage and the family will be suppressed so that their freedoms will be sliced through. B. Hussein is for same-gender “marriages.” He told homosexuals in New Hampshire that when campaigning.

B. Hussein promises “Change” and “Unite.” If elected, he will bring Chaos and Division in every major societal category. He is already known as left-of-left. That will come to the fore in bold relief in every way possible.

The theologically and politically liberal cadre will back him to the hilt. If we think we have madness with Nancy Pelosi, her tribe will increase without number. They will be crawling into every hamlet.

Further, that anti-God clot will see to it that the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” is returned whereby conservative broadcasters will only have a voice if there is a counter liberal broadcaster. So much for freedom of speech to conservatives when B. Hussein is in power.

If there will be marches on Washington proclaiming civil war in all parts after B. Husseni gets into office, those marches had better schedule NOW their appearances in every state throughout America.

If not, outright civil war will tear apart the country from January on. As if the already depressed grassroots needs that to cap their desperation.

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