Tuesday, July 08, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Left of left Muslim B. Hussein Obama has close ones who are anti-America per Little Green Footballs blogger Charles Johnson.

One flies a Commie flag on his Harvard campus apartment room wall.

Another is friend to Hamas and bloody colleagues.

The first one has been exposed to the world. Sam Graham-Felsen, Obama campaign’s New Media Department official blogger, is the Commie lover. He flies the Red Banner as well as writes as a hard-core Marxist for Commie publications. Need say more?

The second one has slid off the Obama official website. Hatem El-Hady was fund-raiser for Islam World Rule so-called charity groups such as Kindhearts for Charitable Human Development. The title is a mask for Muslim killers.

Recall that Obama’s political Illinois district encompasses the Nation of Islam, the latter providing staff for Obama’s Congressional and campaign work. Also, Obama buddied up with NOI’s Louis Farrakhan, the latter endorsing Obama for President.

Recall that America-hater United Church of Christ henchman Jeremiah Wright is buddy to Farrakhan and NOI.

Even though Obama has tried to distance himself from both men, he has been in their corners for years. Wright and Farrakhan are radical anti-America instigators who would destroy the Republic for both Islam World Rule and blackism ensconced.

Obama’s closest anti-America enthusiast is his wife, Michelle. She has hated America per Wright’s brainwashing until recently when her husband started to make political hay. Then she rejoiced for the first time in being an American. Kinda late for one who wants to lounge on White House furniture.

Further, Obama’s membership in an arch-liberal denomination—the United Church of Christ—imbeds him in an anti-America plant that works to up AIDS by championing homosexual license. It also endorses killing womb babies. The UCC is not a genuine patriot organization in that it works through pulpit preaching to undermine the Judeo-Christian heritage by condoning "all roads lead to the same god."

Obama endorses post-birth abortion, euthanasia, sodomy, human stem cell research, erasing the Judeo-Christian heritage, all religions mashed as one, and blackism erasing the "white value system" (sometimes called "middelclassism").

America must realize that Obama is Muslim। The don’t read, don’t heed Obamamaniacs will vote him on to PA Ave if the thinkers don’t somehow break through with truth.


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  1. Grant Swank,

    What I find most disturbing about this is that many of Obama's views are mainstream leftism. Even in the rare instances when I would agree with him, it is negated by his extremist views on other things.