Wednesday, July 09, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Appears that way on some important fronts.

However, for the biblical Christians, there is the power of intercessory prayer. "The effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous avails much," per the Bible.

God means that to be taken most seriously. Satan would have the biblical believer treat that verse as a "nice" passage but not take into consideration that is a powerhouse message from the divine throne.

Consequently, with much evil increasing worldwide, that of course including the United States, all the more the biblical disciples must be on prayer guard. That means interceding most honestly before heaven’s gates, keeping faith strong, and living out the holiness God expects of His grace children.

It is not enough to catalogue the wickedness mounting on all sides. One must then step aside from that to plead for God’s mercy upon His righteous remnant. In every age there is such a remnant, even when considering only 8 in Noah’s generation. Yet they were there.

God has a high regard for that remnant. He could intervene in America’s future with His merciful acts in order to save our Republic, no matter the threats from the ungodly. Therefore, biblical believers must walk into the future by that sheer faith alone.

"His ways are far above our ways. His thoughts are far above our thoughts."

Therefore, the biblical devotees remain convinced that the divine mind is working in our own nation right now. Consequently, such Christians hold to thoughts and ways far more superior to our analyses of events and foreboding.

Christians supporting one another in faith building will strengthen each community. No matter the satanic forces to right and left, Christians know that God is Who He claims to be: "Almighty God." Therefore, resting upon that, Christians keep the hope in the "Almighty."

Such hope must be transmitted to our children. That hope must be intergenerational. It must get hold of their souls so as to keep the Christian hope light burning brightly.

There are naysayers enough. The faith builders are needed. The hope messengers are necessary.

Be a part of that vanguard that holds to Scripture as divine revelation, believing God is still upon His throne, and the biblical promises are unfolding according to God’s way and timing.

God states forthrightly in His Word that nothing is impossible with Him. Therefore, biblical believers breathe that hope every waking hour.

The God of the impossible is moving now throughout America wherever the righteous remnant continues to intercede in holiness.

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    muslims are the new century nazis

    sieg heil allah