Sunday, July 27, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Countless Americans have put their trust in America.

There are those who unthinkingly have put their faith in the flag or some other national symbol representing democracy.

There are those who have laid down their trust shields in some mortal leader.

All this is folly.

America was founded by those who put their trust in the God of the Bible. America will only continue as a democracy when it continues to put trust solely in the God of the Bible.

Satan would have this Republic sideline its mission on the planet by placing trust in technology, political parties, mere humans, Congress, the Constitution or whatever. It won’t work. The Bible, being the divine revelation, warns about putting one’s faith in any other hope than the God of the Bible.

It is not just putting faith in god. It is putting faith in the true deity set forth in the Holy Scriptures—the God who appeared incarnate in Jesus Christ.

Yet today so-called Protestant mainline denominations have discarded the God of the Bible for idolatry. They have embraced sin as a divine blessing. They have turned the Christian pulpit into a political liberal rant that has a moral relativism. The clergy have turned into false prophets.

What is happening in America today is very similar to what happened to Israel when the people of God left their first love—Jehovah—for idol worship. They forsook their holy heritage to adopt the pagan lifestyles of their heathen neighbors. They desired the praise of baubles and beads rather than commitment to the Ten Commandments.

Israel paid a severe price for going spiritually wayward. Israel lost its temple, its priesthood, its land. In short, Israel lost its soul.

Pagan enemies swooped over Israel for their own take. Pagan rulers dominated the Israelis, turning them into slaves. Idols were put in place of the Holy of Holies. The Ark of the Covenant was lost due to the purposeful disobedience of Israelis intent on living in sin.

When Christ came to Earth, he was not welcomed by His own religion for it had turned so demonic that instead of recognizing their Messiah, the backslidden slew Him on the cross.

America is in danger of being overrun by the enemies of a Republic.

America could be stomped upon by the demonic

Our biblical heritage could be supplanted by the satanic rituals popular among those who despise Christ.

The flag will not save America.

The Constitution or Congress cannot save our nation.

America cannot save America.

Only the God of the Bible who walked this planet in Jesus Christ will save America from foes setting their sites on our destruction.

America, before it is too late, put your faith in the God of the Bible. In Him alone.

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