Friday, June 20, 2008

UN classifies rape a 'war tactic'

Many women both here and in Sweden have been raped by Muslim men, these rapes, many of them "gang rapes" leave the victims ruined for life and the level of violence demonstrated in these rapes is appalling.

The victim has very little recourse to justice as they the victim are often said to be the cause of the rape because of the way they dressed thus provoking the assailant.

The phenomena of Islamic rape of the non Islamic female is well documented but never acted upon, indeed rape hardly makes the local press nowadays.

We on this blog have often said that Islamic rape is actually a weapon of war for the Muslim and if the definition given by the UN is to be upheld then we were and are correct

The UN definition:

It described sexual violence as "a tactic of war to humiliate, dominate, instill fear in, disperse and/or forcibly relocate civilian members of a community or ethnic group".

Clearly what the Muslim male is doing when he rapes a Kufr female is an act of war because the intentions are precisely as above.

How does this ruling fit the situation in the UK

1) The Muslim wishes to humiliate and dominate the Kufr
2) The Muslim wishes to instill fear in the community
3) the Muslim create Muslim only areas by forcing people out of those areas by various means, including rape
4) The British are an ethnic group.

Just how do we respond to this act of war, do we go to the UN, do we go to the Police, do we go to the Government, somehow I do not think any of those approaches would yield much fruit.

To me the answer is simple, we take the action needed to stop acts of war against our female population and if we are penalized by our own government for doing that then we go to the UN, after all we are trying to stop war crimes.


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