Tuesday, June 10, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“Doug Richardson, 62, a contractor from Latrobe, Pennsylvania said ‘Obama hasn't impressed me.’ He said over midmorning coffee with a friend at Denny's: ‘His middle name bothers me a lot.’ That name is Hussein.”

That was via AP’s Charles Baggington’s “Racial attitudes pose challenge for Obama”.

Richardson also stated he was uneasy with a black man as US President.

As to his middle name, those suspicious of Obama have cold data on their side.

One fact in particular was his enthusiastic endorsement of his cousin running for the presidency in Kenya.

When Obama was in New Hampshire campaigning, he phoned his cousin—a legalistic Muslim who wants to enshrine the dreaded sharia throughout Kenya. That so-called “justice and legal system” calls, for one example, for females accused of adultery to be lodged in a pit up to the neck, then the head bashed in with stones.

How could Obama endorse a candidate with such credentials?

Yet that is exactly what he did. Did the media underline it? No, it became simply a footnote on the newsfeeds. Nevertheless, it is exceptionally significant for it reveals much about Obama’s tolerance for legalistic, mean Islam.

Anyone leading a democracy should be quite wary about legalistic Islam for it is at its heart barbaric in acting out in real-life-real-time the bloody passages of the Koran. Establishing the sharia in any community is to set in place that cruel and base.

Some democracies now are trying to provide the sharia for Muslim sections where they highly populate a region. However, that is surely a dangerous move to placate the Muslims.

All sorts of violence are set loose with the sharia. Any civil nation cannot tolerate even the seed plant of the sharia. It will spread. It will increase crime. It will downgrade the upright and reasonable throughout the country.

America cannot even think of an Obama as President who would lock arms with a cousin given totally to the sharia. Yet that is what Obama did. That is what Obama then can tolerate as well as endorse.

However, that is only one indication why American voters should be suspicious of Obama because of his middle name.

That middle name represents an Illinois Senator who has Muslims on his Congressional and campaign staff. That is quite comfortable for Obama in that Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam has its headquarters in Obama’s Illinois district.

Obama has lived to accommodate all sorts of Muslim atrocities by living next to what Americans would normally label “the enemy.”

If Jeremiah Wright can inform the press that he will follow Obama into the Oval Office if Obama is elected, one can imagine that Muslims—legalistic Muslims—will likewise make their paths certain to the Oval Office.

There is no way that any American voter can even think of voting into the White House a person who has rubbed elbows so frequently and adoringly with Muslims legalists. Yet Obama has done that since birth, his father being a Muslim.

Further, he was schooled in a legalistic Muslim institution.

He learned the Koran as a devout student, according to other students in his classes.

He said that reading the Koran is like reading peace-laden prose. Actually, reading the Koran gives to those of other moral bases the chilling fears any psychologically healthy individual would feel.

In addition, Obama was tutored by a pastor of a political plant called “church” who embraced radical Islam and anti-Jewish issues. Such brainwashing covered a twenty-year period. Obama’s wife likewise took in all this anti-biblical creed as gospel truth.

There is much reason to be suspicious of Obama because of his middle name—plus.

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