Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The problem with Islam: A response to Jonathan Kay from Asher Honickman

Hello Mr. Kay,I am a regular reader of yours. I am usually in full agreement with what you have to say; however, I think your column today was clouded by idealism.I suppose I am one of those pundits you describe.

I am a student of history, and while I enjoy finding parallels, you always have to keep in mind that movements cannot all simply be grouped into neat little categories — in this case "nihilistic reign of terror."First of all, I would hardly describe the jihadists as nihilistic.

They are not just some death cult who want to kill indiscriminately. And while their vision of the future may not be hopeful, it certainly does have a cohesive outline — that is, a global caliphate governed by shariah law.


Here's a response I like.

by Rusty S
Jun 10 200811:56 AM
Well said Asher Honickman. No doubt your brief overview of recorded history will shorlty have you before the thought police.
I find it refreshing to read that not everyone in this country believes that if we just hold little johnnys hand and let him have his ice-cream all will be well with the world.
Maybe little johnny is just a bastard and needs to be left in the corner.

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