Thursday, June 05, 2008

OUTRAGE ! Mistrial declared in case of Muslim who attacked Seattle Jewish center

Women with scars on their bodies and indelible memories of gunfire struggled to grasp an incongruous truth: After six weeks of testimony, thousands of pages of evidence and eight days of deliberation, a jury couldn't decide on the guilt or innocence of their attacker, Naveed Haq.

Yet even as the victims and prosecutors grappled Wednesday with the mistrial declared in Haq's case, momentum was quickly mounting for a second trial.

"It didn't shake our confidence," said King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg. "We're going to come back and do it again."

Prosecutors immediately announced that they would seek to retry Haq after Superior Court Judge Paris Kallas, reacting to word that the jury was hopelessly deadlocked on 14 of the 15 criminal counts against Haq, declared a mistrial.

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