Friday, June 13, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Not only are radical Muslims out to destroy Christians. Radical Hindus are out likewise per Focus on the Family.

In 1999, Michael Job, 20, was studying in college. Radial Hindus slew him because his father, Dr. P. P. Job, was a well-established Christian evangelist.

The Job family was spun into unbelievable grief. However, their reaction was not retaliation but Christian compassion.

Dr. Job and family established in the name of Christ an orphanage for girls. Females are not regarded as worth much in India. However, in the Bible females are regarded as stamped with the image of God, beginning with the creation of Eve.

Further, admittance to this orphanage in India is for girls who have come from persecuted and martyred believers’ families.

All of this is in keeping with the ministry of Christ. A female was dragged unjustly to Christ. She was accused of committing adultery; however, the male involved was let go by the male accusers.

The accusers demanded that Christ order her stoned to death. However, the accusers had released the man.

Christ began writing something in the sand as the woman and accusers looked on. No one knows for certain what that was that Christ wrote. However, biblical scholars conjecture he might have listed the sins of the accusers for from the oldest to the youngest slunk away.

“Where are your accusers?” Christ asked the woman. Of course it was obvious they had disappeared.

“I do not condemn you. Go and sin no more.”

Throughout Christ’s 3-year ministry, He always lifted
the status of females. In fact, at His resurrection it was a woman—Mary of Magdala—who saw Him first. Other women followed. This all the more
proves the historicity of the resurrection accounts.

Therefore, Christians abiding in Christ’s Spirit carry on that same ethic, including the Job family.

So today there is the Michael job Center for Orphan Girls, a partner ministry of the Job Foundation, in Coimbatore, India. Hundreds of girls are housed there.

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