Sunday, June 08, 2008


J। Grant Swank, Jr.

Moralists are quite pleased to know that Hillary Clinton is over and out, at least for the presidency.

But for the present, moralists are thrilled that Hillary is not going to be chief Oval Office occupant. That means that we won’t have to endure her immoral stances.

She will not be there as President to endorse abortuaries nationwide. She will not be there to support homosexual “marriages” or human stem cell research. She will not be the voice of meshing all religions into one. She will not be the primary feminist spokeswoman for all Oprahs living. And we won’t have to live with Bill center staging at every event.

However, mixed emotions they are for moralists. While Hillary is not going to be living in the White House, her clone could be.

Barack Obama favors partial-birth abortion, homosexual practice, all religions as one thereby erasing America’s Judeo-Christian heritage, human stem cell research and everything else that is politically and theologically liberal.

There are good reasons to conclude also that Obama is a Muslim mask.

He’s lived as Senator from Illinois, the latter’s territory including Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. He’s dearly loved by Louis. He’s employed on his Congressional and campaign staff Muslims.

His father was Muslim.

He was educated in a legalistic Muslim school.

His mother was all-religions-to-all-people.

His legalistic Muslim cousin ran for Kenyan presidency, receiving a supportive phone call from Obama when the latter was campaigning in New Hampshire. The cousin would legalize in Kenya the dreaded sharia “legal and justice system” proclaimed by the Koran.

Obama’s former pastor, Jeremigh Wright, brainwashed his political plant known as “church” into being anti-Jew and pro-Muslim.

Obama helped organize the 1995 Muslim Million Man March on Washington DC.

Obama boasts of a strong rapport with Iran’s thug leaders.

So go figure.

Moralists are pleased with Hillary not housing on Pennsylvania Avenue. However, they are frightened at the prospect of left-of-left, inexperienced, anti-biblical ethic Obama housed there.

Mixed emotions for certain.



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  1. Anonymous5:21 PM

    When Mr Bush was running for elections, a british journalist on BBC said that 'He is not interlectually curious neither has he been anywhere" This suggested that Mr Bush was not intelligent or travelled enough to handle the job. The mess he had created in the world just to obtain oil is supportive of this. Therefore, as a well travelled person who knows first hand about a myriad of cultures and countries I feel his being who he is may be good for America and the world.