Thursday, June 12, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Political correctness is handing Canada over to the Muslims and active homosexuals in particular.

No one dare say anything truthful about either. If he does, he’s hauled into court. He’s considered a spokesman for “hate speech.’

Muslims are rising up against a Canadian popular magazine’s factual article about Islam. The government is clamping down on the magazine. It must print a retraction.

A priest and pastor have spoken the biblical passages regarding God’s abhorrence for homosexual practice, though both proclaim Christian love toward homosexuals. The government is seeking to mug them via the courts.

Political correctness has become the chief enemy of a democracy.

The democracy used to defend freedom of speech. Now that freedom is attacked in the name of multiculturalism.

Anybody who is anti-morality and civility is protected by political correctness. In time, these anti-moral and anti-civil blocks will rule while the moral and civil will be jailed.

In democracies there is a weakness in holding tolerance maximum as a value. It is not valuable when the enemy supplants morality and civility with license and cruelty.

Islam is based on the cruel Koran. Homosexual practice is based on hedonism. Both the Koran and hedonism are enemies to the Judeo-Christian ethic that has been held for centuries by both Canada and the United States. Now that ethic is under attack.

In theological understand, these attacks are satanic. The Judeo-Christian ethic is based on divine revelation. Therefore, when this ethic is undermined, it is fundamentally from the spiritual enemy—Satan.

Consequently, the chief responding attack weapon of the Judeo-Christian individual is prayer. Prayer will then open up God’s forces against the foe plus provide the believer with divine guidance as how to act in real-life real-time.

God is God.

He has faced many enemies since Adam and Eve confronted the snake in Eden. This Islamic and homosexual practice duo is nothing new to God.

Therefore, believers need not give up in the face of these two enemies. They instead need to pray to God, believing God’s ways are far above mortal ways, His thoughts are far above mortal thoughts.

The believer researches the Bible, his base of data, to read that on numerous occasions the righteous were confronted with satanic forces. In some of the most unusual ways God responded with His own agenda to bring overthrow to enemy and victory to believer.

Examples include Noah and his family, Daniel in the lions’ den, David before Goliath, Christ on the cross and Paul jailed by his assailants.

In other words, political correctness, based solely on a secular definition of society, is no final match for God’s response. Therefore, believers must pray in order to receive from God what to do in each situation to ward off Islamic take-over and homosexual dominance.

God will communicate to His own.

He waits for His own to humble themselves in prayer in order to decipher His agenda rather than one carnal agenda in the name of God confronting another carnal agenda in the name of secularism.

Read Koran at

Read “Hate speech or free speech? What much of West bans is protected in U.S.” by Adam Liptak at

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