Friday, June 27, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Cal Thomas, conservative columnist and former Moral Majority vice president, is on target when he labels B. Hussein Obama as a “false prophet.”

There are those who go further. They claim he is not only a false prophet but a mask Muslim. I would agree on both points.

Further, Thomas stated that Obama is far from being “Christian.”

The reason is that Obama’s creed regarding religion is far too anti-Bible to be included within the Christian belief system. For instance, Thomas states that Obama’s declaration that non-Christians can own heaven is simply too much.

Of course it is.

One either takes the entire Bible as the revealed Word of God—divine revelation that needs no improvement from mere mortals. Or one scissors up various portions of the Bible for self-opportunism.

The former is “Christian.” The latter is liberal relativism theology.

Christ said no one comes to God the Father but through Him. Either Christ was provincially egocentric at that point and thereby demonic himself. Or Christ spoke the eternal Truth.

Further, Christ said that a person must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven. Being born anew is to confess Christ alone as Redeemer, accepting Him alone as Lord of life.

There is no other religion that offers the born again experience. That is because being born again is empowered by the third Person of the Trinity—the Holy Spirit. Other religions disclaim the Christian’s Holy Spirit as defined in the Bible.

Thomas then is within his Christian prerogative by blasting open wide the Obama hypocrisy.

All biblically loyal believers will agree. Those who don’t are compromising the orthodox faith and are putting their own souls at eternal risk.

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