Monday, June 16, 2008


A response for a Jackie Mason video.


  1. MississippiMud,

    I am glad you got the videos working again. I tend to enjoy Mosque Watch videos.

    I'll admit that I think that all three of those choices are pretty bad. Technically though, it will come down to one of the two democrats or McCain. The biggest problem is, can you think of a viable third party? If not, you will just have to pick the lesser of two evils, come November. I will tell you this, I think that of all the candidates, the worst for fighting the war on Islamic Fascism is Obama. That alone makes him the worst of all three, since that needs to be our number one concern right now. If you think Bush has been soft, even chummy with some of our enemies, wait until Obama is in the white house. I don't like Hillery's socialism, but even she make been slightly better when it comes to fighting this war, than Obama. I do have a lot of problems with McCain as well, but I think he is the best of all three of them. If only there were a decent viable third party that had some good ideas for fighting and ultimately winning this war.

  2. Damien

    I totally agree. I have no choice except to vote for McCain. This Country can not have Obama as our President. It's not about skin color, it's about his socialist / marxist ideas. Brilliant post Damien, thanks very much.


  3. MississippiMud,

    Your welcome