Saturday, May 03, 2008

Youtube is down

Yes it's down, don't panic. Zionist plot blamed. ( Sarcasm off )
Web video fans, we have some news to share, and you may not take it so kindly. YouTube is down. Yes, the copyright-infringing clips and the homages and assaults on the now infamous Miley Cyrus housed within Google’s all-powerful meme machine are evidently inaccessible.

You may panic.

First highlighted by Allen Stern at CenterNetworks, the outage seems to have stretched the globe, with reports from people spanning the US, the UK, Estonia, and places elsewhere. A few simple requests by yours truly for YouTube clips via Google Search this morning return links to unresponsive pages. (The Australian site is down too, by the way.)

Not good, not good. Maintenance gone wrong, is it? Who’s to say? Google’s not talking, neither on the company blog or, more specifically, on the official Youtube Blog. (Which is also down.) And heck, why would they? Only if this crash doesn’t get cleaned up in reasonably short order (what’s the metric for that, anyway?) will Sergey and Larry and Chad and Steve come out with a were-so-sorry and some sort of technological excuse. All we know is that YouTube devotees are likely none too happy with the cold-turkey cutoff.


9:27 CENTRAL TIME USA . YouTube is working here. You may resume watching stupid pet tricks and teenagers blowing up things.....

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