Sunday, May 11, 2008

An Email too Brigitte Gabriel

To : Brigitte Gabriel

I don't know where to begin. You of all people realize the threat, but we still call this a "War on terror". You have inspired me over the years too speak out, but yet, I have too be honest. This is not a war on "terror". It is a war on some Muslims. In my honest opinion it is a war on the islamic ideology. In my honest opinion, there is no "radical islam", it's just islam. I find it difficult to support people like Daniel Pipes, etc. that still will not name the enemy. I am a nobody, a nothing. I do realize one thing , the American people on a daily basis are coming too grips with reality. They (like me) refuse to be politically correct. At what point in time do we as "infidels" have the backbone and spine to speak out that islam is at war with us, we are not at war with islam yet ? If we as Americans do not speak truth, this Country in all reality will become Lebanon. That is something, I can not, and will not accept.

G-d Bless you and the work you do.



  1. I think it is important to have more PC people exposing the threat. Because people need clim up the stairs of truth gradually. The MSM and poor education has left most people too low to jump up and see the truth. So I see no problem it having people like Pipes who revile most of the threat. It allows people to see the full picture gradually, who would be turned away if they see the truth directly. Am I making sense? Well I hope I am. I just think Pipes provides truth seekers a valuable stepping stone. But Gabriel is genius.

  2. The term "War on Terror" is such a misnomer. Terror is a method and used by all sorts of groups (drug cartels, anarchists, etc.).

    IMO, the term has been invented so as not to offend Muslims. Worse, the term fails to identify the enemy.

  3. If Obama ends up in the White House, we'll be well on our way to turning into Lebanon -- a dysfunctional country at war with itself.