Monday, April 21, 2008

Women in Muslim World Treated Badly ? ......

Muslims do not treat women right. According to the Global Gender Gap (GGG) report, the planet's ten-worst offenders are: Yemen, Chad, Pakistan, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Benin, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and Oman. Of the ten, nine are Muslim-majority states. At the other end of the spectrum, the planet's best countries for women to live in are: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Philippines, Germany, Denmark, Ireland and Spain. Not even one of the top-ten is a Muslim-majority state.

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  1. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Any country with a notable muslim minority can expect to soon be among the worst offenders - as witnessed in Sweden -
    One year earlier a police station in Södertälje was hit by shots from an automatic weapon following a major confrontation between immigrant youths [euphamism for muslim] and police. The trouble in Ronna started after a Swedish girl had been called a "whore" and reacted to this. Ethnologist Maria Bäckman, in her study "Whiteness and gender," has followed a group of Swedish girls in the immigrant [see above] suburb of Rinkeby outside Stockholm. Bäckman relates that several of the blond Swedish girls stated that they had dyed their hair to avoid sexual harassment.

    Doubt anyone would consider the need to dye ones blonde locks dark to avoid sexual harrassment by muslim hoards = a quality worthy of one of the 'the planets best countries for women to live'. Eh?

    Islam delende est.