Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some time off

I'll be taking a few days of in order too arrange some introduction music for my vids. I have to obey the TOS of youtube and I can't afford to get into the copyright issues. So for a couple of days I'll not be posting . So I'll be back in 48 hours ! Keep the email and comments coming ! ( Yes , even the spammers.... )



  1. what Hitler did to jews , they now are doing to palistanians,

  2. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Arafat was offered 90 % of everything he asked for it. He REFUSED it. All he wanted to do was to get rid of the Jews. He wanted to murder an entire race of people. Gods people..
    Jordanian/"palestinians" will not prosper in what they are doing. God will not be mocked. It's said of them that "they are not the children of the desert, but the FATHERs of the desert" as everywhere they go desolation follows.
    They have built nothing, improved nothing in Gaza, like the Jews did so excellently. Why should God honor or bless them?
    When the Jews came back officially there was just desert there in Israel. They have done like Gods Word said they would do. They made the desert "blossom like a rose". That country belongs to the Jews and to God no matter what men say.