Monday, April 28, 2008

Paul Revere

On Friday, May 16, a coalition of Islamic organization which support - among others - Hamas, Fatah, and Hezbollah, are holding their annual al-Nakbah commemoration at Dag Hammerskjold Plaza (opposite the U.N.) in Manhattan. This is "the catastrophe" which is the Arabic term for the re-establishment of Israel within the ancient boundaries of the pre-Islamic Jewish State. (The organizers have not yet posted the time but it will probably be around lunch time.)

This yearly event is always an occasion for attacking The Greater Devil (USA) and the Lesser Devil ("The Zionist Entity").

I have formed an umbrella group to coordinate our major counter-demonstration - The 9.11.1683 Coalition. This coalition will accept no individual memberships - it will only coordinate existing member groups!

I am inviting all Christian and Jewish groups, all Hindu and Zoroastrian groups, all patriotic and Veterans' groups, all former Muslim and anti-terrorism groups, all other like-minded groups, to join with us in the streets on that day to let Islam know - once and for all - that the American people will not accept Islam, will not accept Islamic Terrorism, will not accept Islamic domination, and will not tolerate creeping cultural sharia.

All support is welcome and needed. This support may be in the form of sending people into the streets, or support may be of funds for police permits, truck rentals, signs and banners, etc., and may be publicity through the organizations' media contacts - whether national, local, or specialized. Support may be in the form of speakers at the event or contacts with celebrities and legislators. Whatever each specific organization can offer, we need.

Please have the groups that you enlist contact us at our e-mail address set up especially for this coalition event:

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