Monday, April 07, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Pineview Elementary, Reedsburg, WI, had students cross-dress per AP.

This is education in the USA?

Wacky Week was celebrated at the school. On Friday pupils were to dress as old people or the opposite gender.

An irritated Christian called Voice of Christian Youth America. The radio network set loose a newsfeed about the school’s antics. It was broadcast throughout the state.

"’We believe it's the wrong message to send to elementary students,’ said Jim Schneider, the network's program director.

“‘Our station is one that promotes traditional family values. It concerns us when a school district strikes at the heart and core of the Biblical values. To promote this to elementary-school students is a great error.’”

Principal Tammy Hayes says she was stunned by the overwhelming reaction via phone calls and emails to her office. They were irate parents protesting the encouragement of cross-dressing in any form, on any day, for any week-long event.

"’I can assure you we will not be having this day (again),’ Hayes said.”



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  1. I fully agree with the Voice of Christian Youth's complaint! Why should children be brainwashed into breaking BIBLICAL LAWS in the classroom? It is an absolute disgrace, the children and the teacher who did this should be stoned to death in accordance with the laws in Exodus!