Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yes, this is a hate site.


  1. I hate everything that Islam stands for and everything Islam teaches people to do. Telling people to go out and murder in the name of a freaking black stone called the Allah of Islam ,deserves to be hated.I hate seeing Children murdered by their own Muslim fathers,and calling it honor killings,that is nothing but EVIL. Yes I hate the EVIL of Islam.

  2. Awesome video, I'm posting it on Red Alerts

  3. Thanks HellFireBlogs :)

  4. Jonas2:38 AM

    hahaha :)

    (a laugh of respect I should add)

    funny and true shit :)

    and I agree.

    just wanna say, or ask...Im from Sweden....and u said "we aint never gonna have no sharia law here" and so on, and so forth...

    which made me think of the situation in my country......what if....that people in fact WANT to be muslims....what Im trying to get at, u cant fight the freedom of religion, or the freedom of choice...Im not saying I like it or anything....but those are facts, you cannot ban something (as it will probably have the opposite effect anyway)

    so u need a different way of taking this on....(thinking out loud here...as I write...)

    from my perspective...from my countrys perspective....we made a mistake of taking in TO MANY muslim immigrants in the early 90s, up to now....which has led to the big cities in the south of Sweden....such as Malmö...is now a like a big pot of "multicultural beauty" (some politicians used to try to label it as something exciting in the beginning...)...., where the majority or close to it, is acctually arab, or muslims...in the 3rd biggest city in sweden....

    this is where my point comes about sharia law....what if the majority of people want it?

    food for thought

    had we´ve been smart, we would have taking in smaller amounts of them in the 90s. or we should have integrated them better. as we stand now we´re pretty much screwed. this is like the paris riots just waiting to happen (it has even started....one yr ago in rosengård, Malmö)

    but now this is the situation. as we speak. so what to do? right now

    hmm...hard to say. just try to get Awareness. make people open their eyes. to make people understand the situation, and why its looking the way it is now

    long comment

    feel free to comment my comment :)

    greeting from Sunny Sweden
    (atleast u can get real kebabs here)