Monday, March 10, 2008

Yes, this is a hate site.

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Added: March 10, 2008
I hate terrorists. I despise them. I don't love them, don't want to bring them back into the fold. Dead or alive, they will be caught and dealt with by the laws of America.


  1. Great video and post. I think it is okay to hate genocidal Ideologies. But I would not call this a hate site because I think that name is refers to hating a race. I have been following your blog from only a couple of months but I have never seen you write anything on hating races of people. I have only seen a great critique of ideologies that will destroy liberty.

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  3. Great post, Jeff

  4. South Mississippi rocks more than people will probably ever know. It's what lies underneath.

    And to all the useful idiots out there, the same people who trash the South and all of us 'ignorant bumpkins', keep on dismissing us and not taking us seriously....PLEASE.