Wednesday, March 26, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah says we monotheists worship the same deity.
We don’t.
Allah is Lucifer, the Koran scribed by demons and mosque clerics agents of hell.
Christ is the true Messiah, the Bible is divine revelation and biblical gospel-tellers are agents of heaven.
Judaism does not recognize Christ as Messiah, holds to the Old Testament as divine revelation, and discounts Allah as co-deity.
Nevertheless, the king spoke at a seminar on “Culture and Respect of Religions.” There he set forth that better relations need to exist in his Muslim country because of the “weakening of the family, increasing atheism and a lack of ethics, loyalty and sincerity for our religions and humanity” per AP.
Christianity is given the daily threat in Saudi Arabia. For a Muslim to testify to Christ as Savior equals death. So obviously the Islamic regime has set up Christianity as the archenemy. Time to be nice to Christians? Belatedly so.
Weakening of the family?
I did not know there was much of a Muslim regard for family, not with females regarded as less than dung and honor killing a daily slice-and-dice.
As for atheism, I would think it would flourish as the most reasonable alternative to Islam. As for “ethics,” what does that mean to sharia and the Koran but bloodletting?
Anyhow, at least the speech will make Islam appear the “peace religion” some think it is.
Kudos to the king.


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