Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sharia fiasco

From: patcondell


  1. The Bishop of Cantabarry should be X comunicated,kicked out of the Catholic Church,and forbidden from ever,ever speaking in any church again. Let him become a Muslim,he is already acting like one. Shara Law. Legalized abuse,and murder of women and girls. Don't believe me read the Quran:
    Quran-4:15:"If any of your women is guilty of unnatural offence bring four of your witnesses to give evidence; if they testify against them, retain them in the houses((( UNTIL DEATH OVERTAKES HER))):Who decides what is unnatural offence ,the Muslim men?(This is one of the Lwas of Islamic Shara Law)-((( Quran-24:6 )))"And for those who accuse their wives, of immoral acts, but he has no witnesses except himself , “let the testimony of one of Muslim man be four testimonies “(((i.e. testifies four times)))

  2. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Way to go Pat! So eloquently put! It’s frightening what is going on world wide in the name of Islam. Even here in Australia. After that Bishop’s comments we even had an Imam and his followers here saying we should recognise Sharia Law here. I say we recognise their right to LEAVE this country if they do not like OUR laws. Why on EARTH don’t the Moslem’s do their homework when looking for a country to migrate to and check if it is a place they can assimilate to easily as my parents did 50 years ago, if not, don’t migrate. Seems the only research they do is where they can get easy access to government pensions! I have nothing against Moslems, I do have something against people who choose NOT to become a part of a society yet push for that society to assimilate to their way of thinking.
    Next step will be, state of their own!