Friday, February 29, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.
All these posts in cyberspace detailing reasoning. It’s logic they posit.
It’s all in angst concerning Obamamania. The rush. The clamor. The adoration.

You intelligent people may as well shut up. No one is reading you, hearing you, paying attention to your cable news but thinkers.

Yet it’s the dumb who will carry him on their uplifted hands as an Olympic gold medal hero. They will proudly set him upon his Oval Office desk chair. And there they will bow before him.
The dumb will win.

Don’t you cerebral mortals get it? Cerebral does not work in 2008. Cerebral was lost some time ago when Oprah and Michael Jackson took over brains. Cerebral disappeared when entertainment-hungry blokes built their lives on emotion. Talk about instant gratification.

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  1. Farrakahn's history and rhetoric is as racist as he believes white people are . We have had to listen to his outrageous ilk for way too long ( enough allready). Although Mr. Obama has distanced himself from Farrakahn this week. I am sure that in the background Obama has "ties" and a left handed interest to Mr. Farrakahns way left socialistic ideals. His church recently awarded Mr. Farrakahn a "Citizen of the Year"award.. Farrakahn is supporting him regardless and has stated to folks to "support Obama, even though he has distanced himself from me this week" my abridgement of his words...
    Why doesn't Obama come out with his support for this stuff now? That at least would be truthful.
    I am sure we will see more open softening of his approach towards Islams worldwide ugly, mutated thinking if he becomes Prez. Farrakhans and Middle Eastern Islamic views,ideals and violence worldwide will be patted on the head and "excused".. ie; they "had rough upbringings", "they are just 'misunderstood' ".. "Let's just sit down and talk to them".. Sorry M. Hussein it's been tried and it won't work..
    More dhimmitude means less of us and more of "them" and their worldwide cruelty.. I hesitate to call them human. They bring dishonor to their idea of a deity (small "d") by their hatefilled rhetoric and actions, demonic lies and needless and unending violent ways. Farrakhans "boys" and thinking aren't quite as bad as those of middle eastern Islam being foisted on Gods green earth. But it's close. There are a lot of recorded violent acts perpetrated by his boys... read this it's pretty interesting After all it was Farrakahns bow tie wearing ilk and/or a similiar version of the Nation of Islam that took out those Muslim liquor stores and owners in Oakland, just because they were making an immoral fast buck. One of the NIA actually helped name their groups headquarters, "Your Black Muslim Bakery".. If they would do that to their brothers what will they try to do to regular Americans...? We in America don't blow up liquor stores just because we dont agree with them.
    The form of change that M.H. Obama is preaching is just some weird Utopiaism without any stated tangibles.. It's just his version of outright socialism. ( He's not speaking out on his real views as it's easier this way as he can fool half of the Dems into thinking he's more centrist. It's a deliberate and calculated series of lies and obfuscation to the world to get more votes and win world approval. We have no clear idea in the world of his real self except how he has voted in Illinois and that's bad enough, but time will tell, time will tell..
    Ruthlessly and Prayerfully Awaiting Americas Good Sense to Reappear