Thursday, February 21, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.
So churches were burnt to the ground. Nuns were raped. Christians were slain.
And the United States congratulated Kosovo on its declaration of independence from Serbia. Long live the idiocy. Not.
Thousands of Serbian Christians in the Balkans have been murdered by Islamic extremists who truly believe that infidels must be wiped out across the planet.
Kosovo is now a “radical Muslim state,” per CFP’s Paul Williams’ “America’s war on terror has come full circle.”
On February 16, the independence word went out, then thousands of Muslims filled the boulevards, waving American flags and lifting patriotic lyrics. Time to fool the Americans.
All the while sanctuaries were sacked and Bibles burnt.
About 4,000 Christian Serbs were slaughtered in and around Srebrenica and nearby villages.
“In a letter to Fatmir Sejdui, the president of the new ‘republic,’ US President George W. Bush wrote: ‘On behalf of the American people, I hereby recognize Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state. I congratulate you and Kosovo’s citizens for having taken this important step in your democratic and national development.’”
“He also pledged to increase the amount of foreign aid to the Balkan state from $77 million in 2007 to $335 million in 2008.”
Christians worldwide wept.
“Former UN Ambassador John Bolton maintains that the creation of an independent Kosovo ‘will give a boost to Islam extremism.’”


  1. Anonymous4:38 AM

    It is not the first time in history that huge genicide has occured, and muslims are not the only one's who have fueld it. In the Bosnian silver-mining town of Srebrenica in July 1995, one of the most notorious modern acts of gendercide took place. While the international community and U.N. peacekeepers looked on, Serb forces separated civilian men from women and 8,000 boys and men, brutally raped the women and girls from the ages 3 and over.

  2. Kosovo (Albanian: Kosova or Kosovë) is a country in the southeastern Europe, Its Provisional Institutions of Self-Government have recently declared independence from the genocidal Serbia, which contested the act; as the Republic of Kosovo