Saturday, February 23, 2008

Islam: terrorism, harrassment & cynical martyrdom

From: JupiterGodZeus
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Added: February 23, 2008
Muslim populations support, defend and encourage terrorism by their words, their actions and their systematic lack of condemnation. Constantly harassing people, in Europe, in India, in Russia, in Israel... then when we finally defend ourselves, when the hammer comes down on them they cynically and expectedly act as they were victimized, they pretend to be martyrs of unjustified aggression. This is their tactic, wash, rinse, repeat. And finally decent people become exhausted and give up land, leave or submit to Sharia... and you have Kosovo, Chechnya, Palestine, Kashmir and so on. This is the method of their conquest against more powerful but more morally decent people. Europe's tolerance is being used as a weapon against Europeans, America's great legal system and civil protections are being used against us by the Hamas terrorist group in America... CAIR, this is Jihad through other methods... this is sickening. Vote right.


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