Thursday, February 28, 2008

Farrakhan: Stick With Obama

CHICAGO (AP) — Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan said Thursday that backers of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama shouldn't be dissuaded by the senator's denunciation of Farrakhan during a Democratic debate.

His statement comes after Obama was asked during Tuesday's televised debate with Democratic presidential rival Hillary Rodham Clinton about Farrakhan's support for the Obama campaign. Obama said he denounces Farrakhan's past anti-Semitic remarks and rejects his support.

Farrakhan sent an unsolicited statement Thursday to The Associated Press that he said was meant to respond to "outrage expressed by many" over Obama's comments.


  1. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Minister Farrakhan,
    I am very glad that you issued this remark asking that people remain in support of Senator Obama. I found it very offensive that they brought this into the debate in the first place, but because we all fully understand why this was done, so as to challege Obama's loyality to not only Jews and whites, but to question his Christianity. We are also aware they hoped to place a snare to prevent his nomination.

    Because we are fully aware of their games we must choose which battles to fight in order to win the war. Obama made it very clear that he respects you, but does not necessary agree with all of your stances on certain issues. Well neither do I, but it does not mean I do not respect you for being willing to take a stance, but like I said we have to choose How, When and Where especially when surrounded by people hoping to trip us up. I think he handled it very well it's not like he set you up, but he had to put things into prospective I'm sure trusting that you would understand the cost. You understand association with you is controversive because of your strong opinions on issues pretaining to Jews, whites and religions and their preceptions of you, not his, there's no reason for him to stop now after coming this far because of an opinion or trap.

    Thank you for your continual support and encouragement of Obama it shows you to be a bigger man than even those that truly fear you.

    I hope that those in the balck community would think beyond the now! And learn how the game is played and until you are in an position to do something about it. You play the game. Play or be Played.

  2. Farrakhan and his ilk are vermin.