Sunday, February 10, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Their religion is godless, though they witness otherwise.

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are bending over backwards to get the religious
conservative vote.

Clinton continues to speak of her Methodist childhood. She makes convenient references to Scripture and prayer. She calls forth the southern gospel context at the drop of a collection plate.

Obama continues to testify of God, prayer, and faith as if he is a fundamentalist Protestant. He quotes Scripture, stands alongside New Age Oprah Winfrey as she does the same. He refers to his work at the Chicago inner city church. He sponsors well-attended gospel concerts in the Carolinas.

However, if either of these is elected President of the United States, his or her true religion will surface quickly. It will not be biblical. It will be godless secularism to the limit, though masked as religious legitimate.

Both Clinton and Obama are out-and-out theological liberals in that they write their own religion, baptizing it as “Christianity.” However, it is far from biblical morality.

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