Sunday, January 20, 2008

What Virgins ? ( Comedy )

From the waltonandjohnson radio programme and website.

What Virgins ?
by Billy Ed

Note to Muslim terror a$$holes... I did a little research in your Koran last night. I looked up the part where you get 72 virgins after you blow up the bus full of unsuspecting school children or the coffee shop full of unarmed and unsuspecting old folks.'s a little vague isn't it. It doesn't mention anything about what the "virgins" might look like except they will have black eyes. It doesn't even say they have to be women. Seems like a pretty stupid deal to blow up school children over... But, then again I guess if you are blowing yourself up and killing a bunch of unarmed innocents as your form of "warfare"'re pretty stupid anyway.

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