Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sutter or Nutter ?

Just who is this "Rev" James M. Sutter, exposer of hate on the web? He has made many claims about himself over the years, but the best place to start is with his own blogs, viz: "Just the Facts." [Update 8, 04,2007 Sutter has moved his "just the facts blog to his AOL web page and did some editing.] The first claim is that he enlisted in the Navy. Yet the photo he posts of himself "on leave" is not a regular Navy uniform but in fact a Navy Jr ROTC uniform. This is not a picture of him home on leave, but a picture of him home after a day in high school. (Note 8/07: he has removed this picture and the one of the GI Joe from the new profile on AOL; I wonder why?). He also claims while in the Navy he specialized in:

SWEOD, Special Weapons Ordinance Disposal and Intelligence. At times, I was TAD’d to Special Ops units. For those who understand, my NOD and AQDs were: 1635, KG2, 3Q1, USNAVCENT/FIFTHFLT.” (note 8/07 he has added this disclaimer "This does not mean I was a SEAL. Please do not misunderstand, and do not believe the claims of those who say I was.")

With a picture of a GI Joe doll in combat gear (amusingly titled me+in+gear) to show what he used to wear. However, on a web page exposing military phonies Heroes or Villains?, Sutter has been exposed as a liar, and I quote: "there are NO men listed in the SEAL database with the last name SUTTER." (Note: this has been removed and Sutter has added a disclaimer, although this doesn't absolve him from giving the "impression" he was a Navy Seal).He was also exposed as a Navy Seal impostor at The Special Operations Bulletin Board. "...this man was publicly exposed as a SEAL impostor. In my opinion, the current display on the web page has all the earmarks of a pitiful and pathetic effort to hang onto those claims while leaving nothing for those who exposed him to use against him." More on his Navy career later.

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