Thursday, January 10, 2008

Leaving Islam Testimonies


Another Apostate Speaks Up Basharee Mortadd 2007/03/20
Journey Through Islam Abdul Quddus 2007/03/16 (read this)
DeeAnna 2007/02/07
I was not turned into Stone: Esfahani 2006/09/29
Testimony from Bewildered 2006/05/17
Mehmood from India 2006/04/29
My sweet Grandmother and the concept of “Najass” Keyvan Shirazi 2006/04/27
Why I Left Islam By I. Raza 2006/04/05
My Near-Conversion to Islam, by Umma-Allergic 2006/04/03
Unenlightened 2006/04/03
Ex-Muslim preaches ‘dangers’ of Islam Daniel Shyesteh 2006/04/02

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