Sunday, January 06, 2008


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Sudan, Somalia, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iraq practice female genital mutilation.
Iraqi Kurds are leading the way to pass a law criminalizing genital mutilation, per Time Inc.’s Nicholas Birch/Arbil. It must be passed by the Kurdish parliament in Arbil.

Pakhshan Zangana is waging the war for such an end.

“’Sixty-eight out of 120 deputies signed our bill, so we could have got it passed by ministerial decree,’ Zangana says. ‘But law-making is the job of parliament, and we want everybody to debate this issue openly.’ The bill received its first reading on Dec. 3 and is likely to be passed by February.”

Islam encourages female genital mutilation. In some free nations where Muslims now live, it is still practiced, though secretly.


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