Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed Muslim Terrorists

Osama bin Laden and his top deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, with help from Iran, have recruited and trained brigades of blond, blue-eyed Bosnians and indoctrinated them for martyrdom, according to a report in Insight magazine.
''It's the Joseph coat of terrorism,'' says a former terrorism investigator, referring to the Old Testament account of Joseph's coat of many colors. ''The next wave of terrorism could be carried out by people with fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes.''

Iran and the al-Qaida terrorist network began recruiting and training Bosnian Muslims more than 10 years ago for war against Orthodox Christian Serbs and Catholic Croats in an effort to expand the Muslim base in Eastern Europe.

Congressional terrorism expert Yossef Bodansky says there are many blond, blue-eyed Slavs among these Bosnian Islamists, and there were ''thousands trained by the mujahedin and a lot of them eventually joined the international brigades.''

Bodansky says,
''We are not just dealing with Arabs.''



  1. Anonymous1:10 AM

    This is the stupidest article ever. Recruitment for war against Serbs? Serbs are the ones who tried to wipe out Croats and Bosnians.

    Thousands trained? lol there was around 500 Muslim fighter from all over the world there to help their fellow Muslims (some of them could have been Al quida who knows) but there was no such thing as organized Al Quida in Bosnia, these "experts" are idiots, no wonder terrorist keep succeeded when we have experts like these

  2. Anonymous1:06 AM

    Also to add to what the guy above me said, Serbian Orthodox attacked Bosnia to create a Greater Serbia for themselves, and have more living space for their citizens. The bosnian President continuously said that not him nor the Bosnian people wanted war, while the Serbian president said, word for word, Bosnia is going to be taken to hell and the Bosnian people will be taken into extinction. Bosnia barely defended itself, and then these Muhajidins came in through CROATIA with CROATIAN passports, not Bosnian ones.

    It is pretty unprofessional when a news source makes these kinds of mistakes, and how do I know from here on what else the news says is true? And BTW about 200,000 Bosnians died, like 20,000 serbs, and 17,000 Croats, the war was almost solely fought in Bosnia, with Serbia and at one point Croatia attacking Bosnia, and some of the early war was in Croatia, but VERY little of it.